Attic Cinema Room

Attic Cinema Room

This project involved a Cinema Room in a loft conversion room . The clients were existing customers where we had previously installed a TV distribution system and Sonos music system.

After a return visit to our showroom the clients had a good idea of the desired finished result. The clients particularly liked the various colour changing leds and Starscape Ceiling Fibre Optics they had seen in our showroom.

Due to the narrow ceiling space to place and to access the Fibre Optics it was decided to create a false boarded ceiling which also created a recess for the colour changing leds.

The Starscape Fibre Optics consisted of 4 different thickness and lengths connecting  to one light source at the back of the room. Because the ceiling consisted of  panels that can easily be removed this makes changing a lamp in the future easy . Also by locating at the rear of the room this ensures that any noise from the lamp source is not audible from the seating positions. The various thicknesses of the fibre optics creates a more natural starry sky effect.

The skirting boards were stepped off the wall slightly to also create a recess for the colour changing leds.

We had a box section installed under the fixed screen to house the Monitor Audio in-wall speakers and again had a recess underneath for the colour-changing leds. The rear speakers were Monitor Audio  in-wall .

Control is via a Control 4 Processor and Ipad. At a touch of a button from the Ipad , the lights dim , projector switches on and depending what you have selected to watch eg Sky then the Sky controls are available on the Ipad . There is a standard 3 button light switch at the entrance when integrated with the Control 4 system can be programmed for a wide range of options as you enter or leave the room.

A Sonos Zp90 music system was also integrated into the design to supply music to the cinema room.

All  AV equipment was housed in a rack unit at the rear of the cinema room out of sight.


Themescene 1080p 2D & 3D projector
Sapphire Fixed Screen 1.8 Projection Screen 16/9 with velvet finish
Onkyo 809 ( THX ) AV Amplifier
Monitor Audio Speakers
Sonos Music System
Apple TV
Rack Unit
Sky HD Box
Control4 Processor + Ipad
Control 4 Lighting Control System
RGB led strip lighting
Starscape Fibre Optics
Network Switch
Alien DVR with UHF RF modulator