Cellar Cinema Room in Buxton

Buxton Cellar Cinema Room
Essential Install Awards 2012
Best Home Cinema

This award winning cinema room is set in the picturesque area of Buxton, Derbyshire. On meeting the client it was clear he was very knowledgeable about certain aspects of cinema and was a keen hi-fi and electronics enthusiast.

He had his heart set on B&W 802 Diamond speakers and wanted a traditional feel to the room which need to incorporate a bar area in the entrance.

After several meetings at our showroom and the clients property , we created some 3D visuals to get the project moving.

We also arranged for a representative from Draper screens to meet us on site to demonstrate various screen materials as the client was keen to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different screen gains.

From the visits to our showroom the client realised the importance of lighting and acoustic treatment in a cinema room. He also loved the Control4 control system and was keen for us to commence the project.

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Starscape Fibre Optics were installed in 6 drop down panels in the ceiling.

RGB Lighting was installed in the main cinema room and bar area to create a stunning lighting effect which can be altered to any colour  at a touch of a button on the Ipad or Control4 six button keypad.

Acoustic performance was imperative for the client which is no surprise when you specify B&W 802 diamond speakers. With this in mind we recommended Sonapanel HT acoustic panels which as well as providing a fantastic sound treatment helped to complement the RGB lighting . The client was blown away with the acoustic and visual result.

The client also requested that a suitable flat screen TV be installed in the bar area which would play what was being shown in the cinema.  To guarantee HD quality we installed a Wyrestorm Hdmi splitter and cat5 convertor.

Control is via a Control4 Processor and Ipad. At a touch of a button the lights dim, projector switches on and the Ipad will instantly switch to your chosen device giving you full control.

There is a six Button Keypad at the entrance when integrated with the Control4 system can be programmed for a wide range of options as you enter or leave the room.


All  Audio and Visual equipment is housed in a rack unit in an adjoining area out of sight.

A media plate was installed near the front of the room . This is cabled back to the main rack which is located in an adjoining area and allows for integration such as a Wi or Xbox where a sensor bar can be placed at the front of the screen.

All cinema rooms installed and commissioned by ourselves are calibrated using THX recommendations to ensure the best cinema experience for our customers.

THX calibration discs, Sound calibration equipment and Audio Tools software as well as the Onkyo’s Audyssey Calibration System are utilized in the process.



Customer Comments

I would like to thank you and the lads for your very professional approach and hard work on my Cinema room. From meeting you for the first time in your showroom you have always taken the time to help and educate me in the detail that is required to produce a great cinema room. The help you gave me was vital in several ways. It allowed me to make provision to integrate the lighting into the design. The use of ribbon leds particularly has transformed the appearance and wow factor. You also stressed the importance of acoustics which led to the use of the Sonapanel acoustic panels. The control 4 system added the finishing touch pulling everything together in a user friendly way. As you enter the room the wall mounted six way switch is virtually all you need with its programmed settings but the added functions on the Ipad give complete control without half a dozen remotes. It’s great that it also controls the lights, and the way existing switches could be programmed really impressed me and my electrician. On site you all continued providing a great service. When you did hit snags usually due to compatibility issues with my existing equipment you persevered to resolved the problems. Nothing was too much trouble. Very few companies offer such a high level of service and I am please to offer my unreserved recommendation. The end result is stunning and now an award winner!

– Jim Ashcroft


Audio + Video:
Panasonic PT-AE 4000
Draper Linea 2.7m Tab-Tension
Denon AVR 600 AV Amplifier
B&W 802 Diamond Left and Right Speakers
B&W HTM2D Centre speaker
B&W CMM7.3 Ceiling Speaker
B&W DB1 Subwoofer
Sky HD Box
Oppo 3D Blu Ray player
Apple TV Media Player
20u Rack Unit with shelving, power and ventilation
Draytek Ap800 Access Point linked to existing Cisco switch
Wyrestorm HDMI cat5 convertor and splitter
Qed cabling , video, audio ,interconnects
Lighting Control:
Starscape RGB led strip lighting 60 metre
Starscape Fibre Optics 10m harness x 4 to one light source
Control4 Din Rail Lighting
Control4 HC300 processor
Control4 SR250 Remote Control
Control 4 Wall Mounted 6 Button Keypad
Control4 Ipad App
FrontRow Home Cinema Seating 2 x rows of 3 in Hazelnut Leather