Play Room to Cinema Room

Attic Playroom to Cinema Room
Sheffield Cinema Room

The client approached with a difficult proposal, wanting to transform their loft play room into a home cinema as a Christmas suprise for their kids. This meant all work had to be completed whilst the children were out of the house. To add to the task in hand the client had no idea on the look or design for the room.

Our visual design manager set about creating a 3D visual to help give the client an idea of what could be achieved. The client loved the visuals and was happy for us to proceed.

The loft had space on either side of the walls and above the ceiling making it possible to thread cables around the room without having to channel the walls and ceiling. This was vital as the time frame to complete the project was limited.

Stunning pictures were created with a fixed screen with velvet surround. An Optoma Themescene HD83 projector offering full 1080p HD and 3D. Incredible sound is delivered through a 5.1 monitor audio speaker system. Three in wall speakers sit below the screen and two ceiling speaker sit behind the viewer.


Acoustic treatment has been added to the walls to enhance the overall sound quality whilst not disrupting  the look of the room and deliver that cinematic experience.

A media plate was installed near the front of the room . This is cabled back to the main rack which is in an adjoining room and allows for integration such as a Wi or Xbox where a sensor bar can be placed at the front of the screen.

All cinema rooms installed and commissioned by ourselves are calibrated using THX recommendations to ensure the best cinema experience for our customers.

THX calibration discs, Sound calibration equipment and Audio Tools software as well as the Onkyo’s Audyssey Calibration System are utilized in the process.

The system is situated in a spare room next to the loft, a rack unit containing a control 4 control unit, a lutron lighting system, Onkyo Amplifier, DF Solutions Media player, Freeview HD and Playstation 3.  The control 4 system allows the client full control of lights and all audio and visuals in the room via an Ipad.



Customer Comments

We recently commissioned Colin and his team to design and install a home cinema system in our attic space. This was a substantial investment for us and we felt a degree of trepidation at embarking on such a project, especially given our lack of technical knowledge, relative to the installation. We needn't have worried. Colin was friendly and professional throughout. He ensured we were kept suitably informed and was always focused on delivering a great system at a sensible price. The end product is a fabulous home cinema experience, which has added a real 'wow' factor to our home. We are happy to commend Colin and his team to anyone considering a home cinema system.

– Peter Beeby


Audio + Video:
ThemesceneHD83 1080p 2D & 3D projector
Sapphire 2.4 m Fixed Frame Screen with Velvet Surround
Onkyo 809 ( THX ) AV Amplifier
Monitor Audio 5.1 Speaker System
Draytek Ap800 Access Point
Humax Freeview PVR
DF Solutions Media Player
16u Rack Unit with shelving, power and ventilation
Starscape RGB led strip lighting
Starscape Fibre Optic ceiling kit
Lutron Grafik Eye
Control4 HC200 processor
Control4 SR250 Remote Control
Control4 Ipad App
Frontrow Cinema seating – 4 seater curved