Smart Home with Cinema

This project involved a Cinema
in a lounge  and  a HD video
matrix and multi-room audio
distribution system controlled
using a Control 4 remote
Iphones and Ipads.

On a personal note this was a particularly enjoyable project to work on, the clients Gary and Suzanne had a good idea on what they wanted to achieve  and between us I believe we achieved the desired outcome.

It was important that the normal everyday living experience of  the lounge was not compromised by the projector , screen and speakers.

The projector was hidden using a Pure Theatre automated ceiling lift system .

A 3.0m Tab Tension Projector Screen was housed behind a pelmet above the 55 inch Samsung  Led TV.  RGB lighting was ran along the inside of the pelmet.



To integrate the speakers into the room decor we used Monitor Audio ceiling speakers for the front left , centre and right. The rears are Monitor Audio soundframe  and the subwoofer is from Monitor audio’s flagship gold range.

The sound system consists of a THX Certified Onkyo 809 Amplifier ,( this model has 2 x HDMI outputs which were required  for  the TV and Themescene Projector) and Monitor Audio 5.1 speaker system.

Control is via a Control 4 Processor and Ipad. At a touch of a button from the Ipad , the Lift lowers, projector switches on ,tv goes off, screen comes down.Sit back and enjoy the movie.

A Wyrestorm HD 4 x 4 video matrix was used to supply high definition picture quality to the Lounge, Kitchen, Master and Guest Bedroom. this enables independent viewing of 2 Sky HD boxes , 1 PS 3 and 1 Blu Ray player, all controlled by Ipad or Iphone or Sky remote. An ip network driver was integrated with the control 4 processor to insure reliability.

A Sonos music system was also integrated into the design to supply independent music zones in various areas around the house.

All  AV equipment was housed in a rack unit in the study.

Customer Comments

I bought a home cinema system from ET Home Cinema in march this year. From day one of the consultation Colin and his team treated me like I was their number 1 priority.

– Gary Brocklesby


Themescene 1080p 2D & 3D projector
Pure Theatre Automated Ceiling Lift
Tab Tension 3.0m Projection Screen 16/9
Samsung Blu Ray Player
Onkyo 809 ( THX ) AV Amplifier
Monitor Audio Speakers
Wyrestorm Video 4 x 4 matrix
Sonos Music System
Draytek network equipment
Rack Unit
Sky HD Box x 2
Control4 Processor + Ipad
RGB led strip lighting