Lounge Cinema Room

Lounge Cinema Room
Cedia 2013 Best Media Room
Over £15,000 Finalist

We were involved in the design and installation of integrating a Lounge to provide both a TV and Cinema viewing experience.

It was important that the normal everyday living experience of the lounge was not compromised by the projector, screen and speakers.

We consulted with the client with regards to every aspect of the installation. It was decided to extend the ceiling void in the hallway to provide a means of concealing the projector and create a lighting feature. The projector would then be invisible in the lounge except for an aperture in the back wall. Suitable ventilation was insured and access to the projector is via a trap door above in the spare bedroom. Monitor Audio speakers were incorporated, with a combination of the Soundframe , Radius Centre, 2x Ceiling Rears and subwoofer.



A Tab Tension Projector Screen was housed in between the joists in the main bedroom above. The coving was then created 100 mm out from the wall and a thin aperture was cut out of the ceiling for the screen to protrude from and RGB lighting was ran along the inside of the coving. The skirting below the screen was built out slightly from the wall to allow for RGB Lighting also. Lighting design was essential to create the right mood for enjoying a movie, entertaining guests, listening or playing music. A lutron grafik eye QS with wall station was used. To control the natural light an automated Silent Gliss Curtain track system was installed, the ceiling in the bay window was lowered to hide the actual track.

2013-Best Media Room over 15K-FINALIST

The sound system consists of a THX Certified Onkyo 809 Amplifier, (this model has 2x HDMI outputs which were required for the TV and Themescene Projector) and Monitor Audio 5.1 speaker system. Control is via a Control4 Processor and iPad. At a touch of a button from the iPad, the curtains close, lights dim, projector switches on, tv goes off, screen comes down. Sit back and enjoy the movie. All AV equipment was housed out of sight in a cabinet under the screen, power conditioning and ventilation design was implemented.


Customer Comments

Dear Colin, Thank you for the excellent work that you and your team have done to bring our home cinema idea into reality! We had spent many months working out how to install a “hidden home cinema system” into our lounge. From our very first meeting it was re-assuring to speak to someone who was very knowledgeable and also very practical. Our initial discussions gave me the confidence to proceed with our concept which we developed further over the next few months to provide a great solution to provide both a home cinema and an elegant living room in one!. Your recommendations for the specification of audio visual equipment, lighting and the associated control system have delivered a fantastic system which we are very happy with. The installation work was undertaken in a very professional manner and we had many discussions during all stages of the work to ensuring that our expectations were met. Thanks for all your help and providing us with a fantastic home cinema!

– Andy Watson


Themescene HD82 projector
Tab Tension 2.0m Projection Screen 16/9
Sony Blu Ray Player
Onkyo 809 (THX) AV Amplifier
Monitor Audio Speakers
Virgin V+ Box
Apple TV
Control4 Processor + iPad
Lutron Grafik Eye QS + Wallstation
RGB LED strip lighting, dimmable downlighters