Home cinema packages

£7,000 Cinema Room

A fantastic starter package ideal
for smaller rooms with single
room control.


  • Grandview 2.7m Acoustic fixed frame screen
  • Sony VPL-HW45es 1080p / 3d projector
  • Projection Mount
  • Marantz 5014 AV Receiver
  • Monitor Audio Speaker Package 5.1
  • CP WT380 IDC x 3 ,  SF3 x 2,IWS10 x 1,IWA250 x 1
  • Control4 EA 1 Controller and SR260 remote control ( includes Ipad control)
  • Gigabit Network Switch
  • Sanus Rack Unit
  • Audio,Video ,Control and Network Cabling

*Installation cost not included. Bespoke installation available incorporating design, install programming, audio and video calibration.