Stellar Acoustic Panels

A large part of the performance
of any audio system is the
room itself.

Large amounts of reflection in a room can play havoc with your stereo image and you are also likely to hear your audio several times as it bounces back to you.

Although some of these issues can be resolved by the quality of the speakers and audio equipment, a more cost effective and sensible approach is to apply acoustic treatment to the room.

To achieve the right balance, there are three main approaches: absorption,diffusion and reflection. Products that have absorptive properties include foam and rigid mineral-wool, and they ‘soak up’ the sound energy, turning it into heat, through friction. Most effective on high‑frequencies, absorption is essential for reducing flutter echoes and for taming bright‑sounding or ‘ringy’ rooms.

The Stellar range of absortion panels are made up of a rigid mineral wool available in two sizes as standard, however bespoke sizes are available on request.
A wide range of specialist acoustic material coverings are available to complement the decor of the room.

Installation Instructions :

We have a range of wooden Reflective and Diffusive panels available in various materials ,colours and sizes . These can be combined with the acoustic panels to enhance the overall frequency response and the viisual aesthics of the room .

Diffusion is the scattering of sound energy using multi‑faceted surfaces. Diffusers are commonly made of wood, plastic, or even polystyrene.


In the picture above we have hidden the diffusers behind speaker fabric with movie prints.

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Panels: 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm or 1200mm x 600mm x 30mm
Weight: Approx 3kg or 1.8Kg
Average absorption coefficient 0.85 ( 50mm ) , 0.78 (30mm) frequency range 250hz-4khz
Acoustic Absorption Panels professionally made with Top Quality Lucia Acoustic Fabric covering (available in various colours)
Includes Fixing Kit