All completed ET Home cinema
installations before hand-over
to the client are finalised with a
video and audio calibration.
We also offer this as a separate
service to new clients .

Video Calibration


We offer video calibration in several options ranging from THX test disc material to using a colourimeter and Calman computer software to ensure your screen is calibrated correctly.

Why calibrate your screen?

Televisions and projectors are generally calibrated with overly saturated and overly sharp unrealisitc images. Screens usually come with too much blue or red colour in the screen and blacks are often crushed meaning the screen is working hard on dark areas that don’t need it and therefore losing detail in the colours of the picture. Not enough contrast will cause milky grey blacks. By calibrating your screen you can ensure the optimum viewing experience.

Audio Calibration

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Audio calibration is essential to ensure the very  best audio experience can be achieved for a given set of speakers , amplification and room.

ET HomeCinema have HAA level 1  and THX  qualified calibrators . The  acoustic goals which we adhere for all our installations are;




Dynamic Range

Room Response

Seat to Seat consistency


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