Home Cinema Audio Calibration

Home Cinema audio calibration

We specialise in calibrating audio systems, all our installations go through a rigorous acoustic treatment and analysis to ensure the audio is optimised, calibrated and balanced to give the client the best movie experience possible.

Effecting your Mood

There has been extensive research showing that sound can have an effect on your mood. Higher frequency sounds, so the higher pitched sounds over time has the ability agitate and annoy the listener.. Lower frequency so the bass sounds, if these are too low will make the listener feel tired and lethargic. A balanced sound will not only help the listeners mood but will ensure a quality sounding experience that will not leave the viewer feeling drained and tired.

Will I really notice the difference?

When it comes to home cinema there are some easy basic calibration tools available which do a reasonable job of setting up a surround sound system. Customers often ask whether having audio analysis will make enough difference to their home cinema that they will notice. audio-stuff1There can always be improvements made to system and if you the money is being spent on quality equipment, why would you not optimise the sound quality. The main areas of improvement are usually in the speech from a movie and in the rear surround sound. There is a big difference in something being loud and something having clarity. We are not trying to make your speakers sound louder but we want you to hear ever detail and be immersed in what you are watching.

If your home cinema is lacking something in the sound department then contact us to see if we can help. Often the signs are that the speakers are loud during the explosions and high octane parts of a film but you struggle to hear certain parts of dialogue, the dialogue may sound lower than it should. The surround sound should be subtle and their to enhance the experience. Not to blow your ears off from behind, again this often only serves to stop you from hearing more important parts of the film.

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