Visit our showroom in Yorkshire for the ultimate cinema experience!

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We offer a true cinema experience. Sit back in dedicated  cinema seating and watch stunning pictures on the incredible Sony  4K  projector. Crisp and accurate sound is created through the award winning Triad Silver speaker range.

Deep accurate bass from any of the six seating positions  is achieved via two Triad Silver 12 ” on wall sub-woofers which have been meticulously time aligned and calibrated to seamlessly integrate with the other Triad speakers.

Room audio calibration  is achieved via REW software ,Audyssey Mult EQ32 and Mini DSP equalisers.

The front and centre speakers are hidden behind an acoustically transparent screen for optimum movie experience . This Dolby Atmos 9.2.6 sound system is driven by the latest 8k Marantz AV Processor  with separate power amplification . Stellar Acoustic treatment and fibre optic panels are incorporated  to ensure the best possible sound and aesthetic effects.

We also have a smaller cinema for a more modest budget based on a garage conversion. Featuring speakers from the award winning Monitor Audio range, this room although smaller has had no less attention to detail and has been optimised for the best possible experience.

On display in our showroom are the following ;

  • Lounge 5.1 surround system with 65″ 4k TV
  • Media Room Projector system with tab-tension electric screen .
  • Single Garage Conversion dedicated cinema room 5.1 system with 106″ fixed frame screen
  • Larger dedicated Cinema Room ( 4m x 7m ) 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos system with 138″ fixed frame screen
  • Dedicated Games room with Control4 demonstration facilities
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We can demonstrate full home automation at the touch of a button . The Control 4 system controls everything including TV, lights, blinds and curtains, multi-room audio, CCTV and even your heating can be controlled.

At the touch of a button you can transform the mood of a room,dim the lights, close the curtains, play your favourite artist’s music.